Dimensions - Once Upon Our Reality

Dimensions - Once Upon Our Reality

Can a question itself be more powerful than its answer? What is "reality"? Is it the interaction of time, space, particles and forces? A hallucination created by billions of neurons in our body? A monolithic mathematical machine? Are there other realities, universes or dimensions? These questions are almost impossible to answer—yet just asking them sparks our imagination.

Artists Rocco Helmchen and Johannes Kraas tackle the big questions in Dimensions — Once Upon Our Reality, a worthy successor to their popular 2013 fulldome show Chaos and Order — A Mathematic Symphony. The result is a fantastic journey through art and science, accessible to fulldome audiences eager to explore the hidden dimensions of our existence.

The producers' creativity transports audiences to fascinating worlds, where they find the time and space to think and feel about exciting and thought-provoking questions. The captivating scenes combine science visualizations, artistic interpretation of scientific concepts, and real-time sequences filmed in research laboratories and institutions actually involved in making the groundbreaking observations shaping our concepts of reality.

Dimensions expands the concept of an arts and music show, combining carefully measured narration with the key component of music. Johannes' original compositions and orchestrations function as a spark for the audience's emotions, while the sound design enhances and expands Rocco's visuals. Following the principles of "visual music", image and sound influence each other, fusing these elements into a dynamic harmonious choreography.

Narrated by Tom Zahner
Produced by Rocco Helmchen and Johannes Kraas
Distributed by Loch Ness Productions

More information about this fulldome show can be found on the Loch Ness Productions Website: https://www.lochnessproductions.com/shows/roc/dmn.html

Dimensions - Once Upon Our Reality

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